A Dentist’s hands are the only hands able to recreate the shape of teeth damaged by decay, restoring them with aesthetic mastery. If Dr. Amber can do that for your teeth, imagine what she can do for your face. As a dentist, she is trained to see how she can use her uniquely skilled hands to place Botox, and dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Radiesse under the skin to sculpt and replace lost volume in your face, minimizing the wrinkles of time. In some instances, she can use fillers to help minimize the appearance of some scars.


No one will argue that Dentists have the most extensive training in the area of the mouth. Why choose anyone else to restore volume to your lips caused by aging, or to create luscious, voluminous lips? Dr. Amber has had the unique opportunity to train with Dr. Robert Gordon, aka Dr. Lips. Dr. Gordon is a world renowned master in the art of lip augmentation that has made his signature lip styles sought after by Hollywood stars. Dr. Gordon has trained Dr. Amber, and she is now able to create both his signature lip and cheek styles for you!